Go Small or Go Home

microscopeAt a meeting with a client recently, the conversation turned to mass versus niche advertising. The company she works for is a national chain that has experienced success on a national level. They opened a branch in my home town – where their founder has recently taken up residence – and it’s been good. Good, but not great. In fact, lamented the regional marketing manager to my client, they’ve done so much better in other markets. Why then, were things not going as well in my town?

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The trouble with Bland

My colleague was brainstorming commercial creative for a client of ours and came across a little gem by M&C Saatchi. I loved it, I laughed, and then I said “ooh but we’ll have to be careful not to offend anyone with a concept like this.” That made me a little sad. I wondered: have we become so politically correct we’re getting comfortable with pablum?

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“Campsite’s taken, pal.”

cdntireA Canadian Tire commercial’s got me grinning from ear to ear.

I confess it started with their off-the-wall Christmas commercials that traded on Canadian stereotypes to suggest hilarious gifts. I liked that the brand had decided to lighten up a little. Who says you can’t have fun with your commercials?

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